Natural Home Remedies for Termite Control

Termites Control

Are you trying to prevent a termite infestation? Is your biggest worry the effects that chemical laden pesticides might have on your home and yard? Here are a few natural home remedies for termite control that work wonderfully as preventive measures.

How can you keep termites from entering your home? If you live in climate where termites are known to flourish, it’s easy to see why carrying out preventive procedures is important. For example, many who own beach houses install sand traps near the foundation of their home. This is one of the more effective home remedies for termite control, as it blocks entry rather than relying on toxins. While most termites dwell in loose, warm earth, sand is also a prime spot for termites. In order to install this barrier, contact your local termite control agency today and have a specialist examine your home’s foundation. He or she will be able to point out weak spots and install the barrier safely and efficiently.

Warm, humid climates are also ideal spots for termites. However, one of the most common natural home remedies for termite control would be to use termite resistant wood on your decks, porches, and foundation. These include sequoia, cypress, cedar, maple, cherry, and much more. When choosing your wood, do your homework thoroughly, as there are also types of wood that are extremely vulnerable to infestation. Be sure to add a high quality sealer to your wood as well. This will not only deter insects, but it will keep the wood from suffering water damage as well.

Another one of the more popular natural home remedies for termite control is boric acid. This substance is commonly derived from orange rinds, though it exists in a wide variety of substances as well. Boric acid is a natural toxin known to control termites and other insects. Try treating vulnerable areas in your home, such as attics, basements, kitchens, bathrooms, and other humid areas with orange oil.

Finally, you can actually use mother nature against any termite threat. One of the most little known natural home remedies for termite control is the use of one unlikely seeming creature: the ant. What many homeowners don’t realize is that ants and termites are natural enemies. If you’re concerned about the termite population in your area, turning ant colonies against them is a good way to keep the numbers down. However, as there is no real way to measure the success of this technique, it’s a good idea not to rely on it too heavily. Learn more about natural home remedies for termite control today!

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