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Termites Control

When it comes to finding the best termite control, there is no one specific answer. Ideal termite treatments vary according to the size of the termite colony, how long it’s been there, how much damage has been inflicted, what type of termites, and much more. However, in consulting a termite expert, you will be able to learn which treatment is the best termite control method for you.

It’s widely agreed that if you had to choose, the best termite control technique are those that are preventive in nature. The more you work to keep termites out of your home, the less likely they are to breech your defenses. For example, are you remodeling the foundation of your home? Try using termite resistant woods such as cypress, cedar, maple, sequoia, and many others. Be sure to treat your concrete and any soft stone with insect resistant sealer as well. Finally, be sure to check and treat any circuit breakers and other such areas with orange oil to prevent termites from hiding there.

Keeping a close eye on your home is another way to enjoy the best termite control. For example, immediately patching any cracks near the floor or ceiling, repairing soft or moldy wood, and installing termite alarms is a great way to make sure termites don’t infiltrate your home. Unfortunately, despite these preventive measures, some homes end up with termites regardless. Some signs of termite infestation include spotting small earthen tunnels, unnatural wavy patterns in drywood or plaster, or actually spotting the termites themselves. While usually they don’t emerge into the light, springtime is when winged termites emerge to find mates. This is often when homeowners first realize they have termites.

When it comes to finding the best termite control, it’s wisest to consult a termite control center. They will be able to send an expert into your home to inspect different areas of your home and determine how much damage has been done. If the colony is relatively new, he or she may recommend setting traps throughout the home. These traps are filled with a slow acting poison that gradually kills off entire colonies. In more advanced cases, fumigation may be the best termite control for you.

In taking these measures, with luck you’ll be able to enjoy a termite free home within a matter of months. Many termite treatments last for years after application, thus preventing future colonies from settling. Learn more today about the best termite control methods and how they can benefit you.

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