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Let’s face it: discovering that you have termites can be a distressing experience indeed. However, there are a variety of effective ways to prevent and treat termite infestations. When it comes to treating low scale infestations, for example, a termite control baiting system is a great alternative to fumigation and other methods.

When do you know you need a termite control baiting system? Here are a few signs to look out for when it comes to spotting termites early. Do you have compost piles in your back yard? Are there bushes and mulch piles close to the foundation of your home? Do you own a deck that has traces of mold or split areas? If any of these things sound familiar, you have the potential to host termites in your home.

This is largely because termites of all kinds are attracted to damp, humid areas and large sources of soft, rotting wood. This is where a quality termite control baiting system can come handy for preventing them from entering your home. Simply station these baiting systems near the vulnerable spots in your home’s foundation to prevent entry.

If you’re unsure as to where these spots are, you may want to have a termite control specialist inspect your home and yard to determine where these spots may be. Having a specialist check over the premises is a wise idea in general, especially if you’ve had previous termite attacks. This will help significantly in helping you spot any problems as soon as possible.

Sometimes a termite control baiting system may be what you need to destroy colonies already dwelling within your home. This depends on many factors: the age of the colony, the type of termite, and the damage already committed are all important for determining whether or not a baiting system is ideal. If you catch the problem early, you’ll be very lucky in that a baiting system will be the ticket for wiping out the colony.

How does a termite control baiting system work? Essentially, if a significant source of termite activity is sighted, a trap is set. Worker termites consume or come in contact with the bait. From there, the slow acting poison travels through the colony, thus effectively destroying termites even in corners of your home that would be inaccessible.

However, in more severe cases, sometimes fumigation is necessary. However, if treated early, a termite control baiting system can be just what you need. Contact your termite control center today to learn about the various treatments available and how they affect your unique situation.

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