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Termite Control Cost

When it comes to preventing and terminating termites, the first question in many homeowners’ minds usually has something to do with termite control cost. The downside to many termite treatments is that they do tend to be rather costly. However, there are some ways you can save. First, you should know when to consult a…

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Organic Termite Control

Do organic termite control methods really work? When it comes to completely exterminating colonies of termites within their home, the reality of the situation is that they certainly can’t hurt. However, it’s hard to say if they’ve truly worked without a professional termite inspector’s opinion, as oftentimes termite colonies can branch out to live in…

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Ant and Termite Control Products

As spring approaches, households across the country look forward to the warmer weather as an opportunity to plant flowers, take hikes, and generally enjoy the sunshine. Unfortunately, spring is also the season when termites are most active. As the weather warms, they come out of hiding in hopes of mating and starting new colonies. When…

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