Citrus Oil Termite Control

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When it comes to infestations, few things are more devastating than learning that a termite colony has nested in your home. This is particularly awful if you plan on selling or renting your home. Unfortunately, this is a fact of life for many who own older homes or buildings located in humid, warm climates. However, in many cases, citrus oil termite control can work wonders for treating and preventing termite infestations.

Why use citrus oil termite control? Studies show that citrus oil is rich in a substance called boric acid, which is naturally toxic to termites. Many termite specialists use citrus oil termite control when preventing entry¬óby treating the foundation stone, exposed wood, and other vulnerable points of entry with it, most termites are discouraged from entering your home.

Sometimes a specialist will recommend citrus oil termite control traps. The circumstances in which these will be useful depends on a variety of things, including the size of the colony, how long it’s infested your home, and whether or not there is more than one.

Unfortunately, many homeowners often have no idea they have termites at all until they begin crawling out of the wood works. Winged dry wall termites are often seen emerging out into the open during the warmer, rainier spring months. This species of termite typically lives inside the wood it feeds on, creating tunnels that can span rooms. When the winged termites emerge, it’s a sign they’re ready to mate and create new colonies. Fortunately, getting rid of these termites is usually a simple matter of vacuuming them up.

However, that leaves the rest of your home to consider. Citrus oil termite control traps come in handy for infecting the lesser seen worker termites. These termites stumble across the traps while feeding or building tunnels. The boric acid acts as a slow acting poison, gradually infecting them one by one until the entire colony has been exterminated.

However, when it comes to treating termites, you may need to consider treatments to use besides citrus oil termite control. While boric acid has a dramatic effect on termites, it also evaporates quickly. Additional chemicals via fumigation might be what you need to infect the colony entirely, especially if it’s a big one. Learn more today about how citrus oil termite control techniques can provide you with an environmentally safe way to eliminate termite infestations for good and prevent more from occurring.

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