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As spring approaches, households across the country look forward to the warmer weather as an opportunity to plant flowers, take hikes, and generally enjoy the sunshine. Unfortunately, spring is also the season when termites are most active. As the weather warms, they come out of hiding in hopes of mating and starting new colonies. When it comes to ant and termite control products, you can’t be too prudent. Here are a few ways you can prevent your home from being overrun with pests.

For one, if you take good preventive measures, it’s likely that you won’t have to spend considerable amounts of money on ant and termite control products. It’s widely agreed that taking the proper action to keep pests out of your home costs considerably less than the typical fees to have them exterminated. You can help keep ants and termites from taking over your home by using insect resistant wood to build your decks, stairs, flower bed mulch, and other outdoor equipment. If possible, arrange to have sequoia, cypress, cedar, and other parasite repellent woods used for your home’s foundation as well.

You can also prevent ants and termites from invading your home from indoors as well. Some effective ways of doing this include patching up any wooden cracks with caulk, cleaning up any food messes immediately, and regularly spraying vulnerable areas with boric acid.

Boric acid is one of the most popular ant and termite control products. This acid is a natural, safe method of exterminating pests. It’s most commonly derived from orange rinds, but a variety of other citrus fruits contain this acid as well. Along with spraying problem areas, setting up ant and termite control products such as termite alarm systems, termite traps, and foundation barriers will work wonders for keeping pests out of your home.

Other ant and termite control products include fumigation techniques. This involves spraying active areas with toxic dust that slowly travels from insect to insect until entire colonies are dead. This tends to last much longer than orange oil, which tends to evaporate quickly. Your pest control specialist may recommend using heat, ice, electricity, or microwave beams to treat various areas of your home. Soil treatments are also common for treating ants and termites that infest your yard. Learn more about ant and termite control products today! It can mean the difference between a pest free home and one that has suffered the effects of termite damage.

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